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Morland Frequently Asked Questions

We often find we're being asked similar questions on a regular basis.

So we're collecting a few of our most frequently asked questions to save you time!

  • Do you sell to the public?

Yes we do - Morland's products are available to order by anyone. You are buying direct from the manufacturer in most instances so you're also guaranteed the most competitive prices available.

  • Do you have a 'Trade' price list?

In order to maintain a fair, available to all price that can be easily accessed by anyone, Morland do not offer a 'Trade' price list. What we do offer is clear pricing with considerable discounts based on order quantity available, in addition to discounts on shipping. In short, if you order more, we'll discount it more.

  • Do you supply in bulk?

Morland are a manufacturer. We supply the construction industry, leisure vehicle manufacturers, boat & yacht builders and a number of other manufacturing businesses as well as selling direct to consumer. We are well placed to supply just in time services to rolling production lines. For more information please see our corporate site HERE.

  • Do you offer a cutting service?

We only supply full sheets of our laminates and laminated board products. We do not cut to size.

  • Do Morland supply edging to match the surface?

Morland are able to provide an edging service for bulk orders of boards where the edging required would be over 500 linear metres, we are not able to provide an edging service with requirements less than this as it is cost prohibative. We do not supply matching edging for small orders (less than 500 linear metres) and would recommend contacting Ostermann for matched edging requests. They can be found here:

  • Why can't I order Egger Samples any more?

Egger samples were temporarily unavailable whilst they updated their sampling system. You can now order Free Egger samples as before.

  • If I want exposed edges on the birch ply what do I treat them with?

We don't recommend a particular brand for treating exposed birch ply edges, however this is a wood product and can be finished in a similar way. Any good quality furniture wax or clear varnish will be suitable and retain the woods character. Please consult your local woodworking professional for further assistance.

  • How long does it take to get my products?

Our stocked products are generally available on next day delivery in the UK, as are our laminate ranges. Due to improvements in our production process, if you are ordering custom boards using our panel configurator your boards will currently be with you in around 10 working days.

  • Can I collect from you?

We do have a collections point based at our showroom in Welshpool, Powys. Stocked product can be collected from us here Mon to Thu between 08:30 and 15:00 and on Fridays between 08:30 and 12:00. You can select "Collection" in our shipping options when you order online and this is where you'll need to collect from. We always advise customers to contact us prior to setting out if you haven't already placed an order, just to check we have what you require in stock and to reserve your quantities. This avoids disapointment and expedites your collection process.

  • Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Morland currently deliver to Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We are looking to expand this network over time. We're pleased to be able to offer the exact same MIX & MATCH offer and Free Shipping on orders of 10 or more stocked lightweight ply board accross all the countries we ship to. Shipping rates below the 10 board Free Shipping offer are also the same no matter where you ship to. This represents an extremely competitive offer.

  • What does it cost to deliver?

Delivery prices vary based on the products ordered and the location of the delivery. You can find further details HERE.

  • Can I buy the products VAT free if ordering from an EU country outside of the UK?

Yes you can. If you are registered for VAT in an EU country outside of the UK, Morland is able to sell you our goods free of UK VAT when you provide us with a valid EU VAT number and are shipping to an EU state. There is a VAT field on checkout underneath the Company Name field. If you provide us with a valid EU VAT number within this field then our system will automatically remove the VAT from your basket total.

  • Can I arrange a delivery slot for a specific time?

Unfortunately this is not a service we currently offer. Our deliveries are made Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00. We do not offer weekend delivery services.

  • How does MIX & MATCH work?

MIX & MATCH can be used on any product where it's indicated. It allows you to choose several different colours of the same material in order to make up minimum order quantities or to get multibuy discounts. For instance it's perfect if you need 5 of one colour of 3mm Wall & Ceiling Panels and 5 of another. MIX & MATCH is available on Laminates, Lightweight Furniture Ply and 3mm Plywood Panels.

Be carefull though. MIX & MATCH can't be used to mix materials - so you can't add 2 laminate and 1 lightweight furniture ply to make up the 3 board minimums on lightweight ply. It only works when you order the required quantities of the same material.

  • Are there minimum order quantities on the panel products?

Yes there are. If you're ordering stocked boards, there are minimums applied for delivery purposes as we've found that sending less boards through our network than specified will too often result in damage. You can MIX & MATCH your orders as far as colour goes as long as the products are in the same category, so for instance you could order just one of Morland 15mm Lightweight Furniture Ply - Black Pixel, one Morland 15mm Lightweight Furniture Ply - High Gloss Black  and one Morland 2440x1220x15mm Worktop Board - Gloss Black Spark  and this would make up your three board minimum order. If you are ordering from our custom board ranges, the minimum orders are in place both for manufacturing and delivery purposes (from a manufacturing point of view, your panels would not be value for money if made in smaller quantities). You'll find minimums are usually mentioned on the "Further Information" dropdown on products where they apply.

If you get to checkout and you are not seeing any shipping method options other than "Morland Show Room - Store Pickup" the chances are you haven't met our minimum order for delivery.

  • What does "Single Sided" mean?

Custom made panels can be specified either as "Single Sided" or as "Double Sided". Single sided boards will have your chosen colour on one side and a balancing laminate (usually either white or grey) on the other side so as to maintain board stability. "Double Sided" panels will have your chosen colour on both sides of the material.

Single sided panels are suitable for applications where only one side of the product is visable, such as with worktops or wall panelling. Double sided boards are more suited to furniture carcassing.

  • Are you able to colour match for me?

You are able to search the site via colour, decor name, finish type and RAL codes where they are available, so we make it as easy as possible to find and match the finishes that you want. We are not able to colour match via photographs as colour reproductions vary so much from screen to screen and printer to printer. If you would like us to try and match a physical sample of a finish you already have, these can be sent to our sales department at Morland, Unit 4, Buttington Cross Enterprise Park, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 8SL. There is a £15 administration charge for this and we will then send you out samples of the products we think are suitable, for you to approve. Please call us on +44 (0) 1938 551 980 prior to sending samples and we'll be happy to organise this for you.

  • I'm seeing a message 'Sorry, your web browser is out of date'. What does this mean?

Sorry, we don't support that browser message.

If you are seeing the message above, then you'll need to update your browser in order to use the full functionality of our site. Issues which you may experience should you choose to ignore this message include blank spaces on the website where links or images should be, reduced ability to navigate and problems purchasing your product when checking out. We support all major browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We do not support any major browser which is more than 6 versions out of date. If you are seeing a message at the top of the website please follow the 'Update' link in order to update your web browser.

Internet Explorer is not supported on this site as it has now been replaced with Microsoft Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer you may not be able to purchase our products online. Please change your browser in order to continue to shop with us.

  • Do you offer a sampling service?

Morland have a comprehensive and totally FREE sampling service. We always recommend that you order samples prior to placing your laminate or laminated board orders, this is because colour reproductions across screens and printed materials can vary considerably. It will also help you to understand the textures and feel of the materials. You can start to order your samples using the links below.

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